Hampshire’s Best Local Business Telecoms Providers – An Honest Comparison

Hampshire’s Best Local Business Telecoms Providers – An Honest Comparison

Who Is the Best Provider for My Business Telecoms? There are many ways to measure the ‘best’ of something, what we must first do is define what ‘best’ actually is. Does it mean the provider with the most clients? Could it be that the provider with the cheapest prices can be considered the best? Many might think that the provider that supplies the most reliable equipment is the best. The answer to this conundrum is clear. The best is different for all of us, and for most businesses, it’s a careful balance of all the afore mentioned and more.

Does that mean that the question is impossible to answer?

No. It just means that the answer might be slightly different for various types of business. Different types mean different needs.

Any Telecoms provider worth its salt realises this, but what’s important about the company culture and behavioural traits of the source of your business communications and support? And is it just about that, or are there other factors equally or more important to consider?

A business that tends to have its team exhibiting behaviours that support its goals to be the best in one measure or another will have a mission statement proudly communicated online, which can be a revealing peek into the ethos of the organisation, and how it should feel to be a client.

There is a vast number of telecommunications providers in the south, including the Southampton area and across Hampshire and the Southern Counties. The market is truly saturated, which has its advantages and disadvantages to the consumer. The most obvious drawback is too much choice, and with an ever-growing number of businesses offering B2B Telecommunications Services in the South, finding the right provider, or should I say the ‘best’ provider for your enterprise isn’t likely to get any easier.

It’s all about price, right?

So, what should we be looking for in an exceptional provider? and how do we measure them?

Reviews, Ratings, Testamonials and Word of Mouth seem to be the biggest indicators of exceptional service quality. These methods of measurement are widely accepted as a fairly reliable way of gauging the experience your business will most likely have in its dealings with your chosen provider.

Most businesses can benefit from viewing it form a perspective of Price, Product, Service. This way, all bases are covered – well, the most important anyhow. So when evaluating your next potential incumbent, it’s key to get all 3 of those components in mutual harmonic balance, the result if that isn’t achieved is, in my experience a very lop-sided arrangement. Paying exceptionally keen prices for something that doesn’t work, or fails regularly, costing my business even more money is not good. Not good at all. Neither is the solution that works like a dream but costs the earth, thus is untenable.

So, to answer the question above, no, it’s not all about price. But it IS very much about Value.

Communication & Trust – Ingredients for a successful business relationship

It’s also important to find a provider that you feel that you can trust and that can deliver personalised customer service. Find a provider that has been around for a while with a good footprint in the market but is still small enough to offer that service excellence your business deserves. Reasons to trust a provider can be spotted very early on in the contact cycle. Look out for clear and concise pricing, no hidden charges, open and honest assessment of needs, and knowledgeable reasoning behind a recommendation are all indicators, but once again, the list isn’t exhaustive.

Local or National Business Telecoms Provider?

A provider’s locality, and reach is open to opinion in terms of business owners’ perception and experiences in general. Some are of the mind that a national supplier is huge, has an army of support staff, call centres across the UK, and can deliver the support their comms needs at scale. Businesses that are more concentrated in local areas themselves, Southampton, Hampshire, and the Southern Counties are more likely to deliver the kind of personalised service that small to medium sized companies thrive from. Wherever your provider is based, it makes sense to be close enough so that if they need to visit your place of business, they can get there quickly. Some of the ‘Same Day Service’ local providers can be a godsend for local firms. Equally, waiting 48 hours for an SLA to kick in isn’t what most businesses need, large or small.

We’ve compiled a helpful Quality Provider Checklist to support businesses in some of the key considerations when looking for an alternative supplier of Telecommunications. Click here to view the checklist.

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