How Much Does a Business Phone System cost in the UK in 2021?

How Much Does a Business Phone System cost in the UK in 2021?

Do you have the task of looking for the right phone system for your business? How easy is it to find prices? What needs consideration when looking for a new phone system for business?

If you’re looking to invest in telephone systems for your business, it’s important to know how much you need to budget for a system that suits your requirements. But how do you know if you can afford the phone system your business really needs? And how do you find quality business telephone systems with the after sales support and costs to match?

The truth is out there…

How much you can expect to pay for your business’ phone system will vary depending on certain factors, such as the size and function of your business, also the technology you opt for can have a major impact on initial and ongoing costs.

When buying a phone system, it can be easy to think that the cheapest price is the best for your budget. But what factors should you take into account, in addition to the price point, when selecting a system for your business?

Cost Considerations

Are cheaper phone systems more cost effective? For example, whilst a low-price tag might seem the most viable option, do consider the costs of repairs, maintenance and the level of service and support given as standard. More often than not, the cheapest option at the outset can become the least cost efficient in the long term, and after all, you probably plan to own your telephone system for some years yet.

Also, a traditional cheap business phone line may seem like a good choice initially, but once you factor in the charges to add or remove a line as your business requires, it may not seem so cost effective.

So, what is and isn’t included in the price? A low cost initially could indicate a good, cost-effective choice, but do check thoroughly if any additional charges are applicable, for instance for installation, maintenance or support. Service and support are key differentiators in the marketplace. For you and all other customers, it’s about striking a good balance between cost, functionality, and after sales service and support. Some good providers will have a specific procedure, similar to our Connectivity Health Check, a process that enables us to accurately quantify cost saving opportunities, operational enhancements, and ensure longevity of the solution.

Does your business have any specific requirements? We find that most businesses want their system to work in a way that is tailored to their already existing business operations. With that in mind, it makes good sense to ensure there aren’t any other costs you’ll need to factor in to make the system work in the way your business requires.

After you’ve purchased your phone system, running costs will continue if applicable. These can be made up of maintenance, support, and of course charges levied to use the service such as calling plans. These fees can drive the overall costs up, so it’s important to fully understand what you’ll be likely to pay once the phone system is up and running.

What else can drive costs up?

When searching for that ideal solution for your business, it’s worth discovering and keeping in mind the cost for service when your system is out of its manufacturer warranty period. The length and elements of service terms can vary, and if the level that is offered by your provider doesn’t cover the most common issues, you could find that you end up with unforeseen charges for engineer callouts and on-site support time. Whether you need remote support or on-site visits, the level of cover you need will need to be considered and cost factored.

Depending on how you want your phone system to work, you may find that specific features that you need are chargeable. A wealth of enhancements, options and functions are typically available on most phone systems, thus it’s important for your potential provider to evaluate your business needs so that they can be factored into the cost overall at the same time as satisfying your requirements. Again, it makes perfect sense for the provider to evaluate your needs professionally, using an internal business process to demonstrate their findings to you, the potential buyer.

If you and your team require training on how to use the system effectively, the cost may vary dependant on who delivers the training and how comprehensive it needs to be.

As you can see, and no doubt understand, choosing a new phone system can be fraught with potential hazards. However, with a clear understanding of what your business needs are, what your budget is, and the knowledge that you are working with a trusted provider that has a comprehensive process to identify what’s best for your enterprise – you’re already ticking the right boxes!

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