Quality Telecommunications Provider – What Should You Be Looking For?

Quality Telecommunications Provider – What Should You Be Looking For?

It’s fair to say that SMEs throughout the South of the UK are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a provider for their Telecoms. Is this a good thing? Or does that fact make it more of a minefield when trying to find the right solution for your business?

It makes sense to have a process to help you decide who fits your business best, and indeed who is going to deliver the perfect mix of competitive pricing, reliable hardware and software, and of course the after sales support that keeps your business connected to your colleagues and clients.

Clearly, it’s not all about pricing. Providers that offer the cheapest deals but fail to deliver on service can cost your business more than a slightly higher priced provider that responds when you need them to promptly.

We’ve compiled a helpful Quality Provider Checklist to support businesses in some of the key considerations when looking for an alternative supplier of Telecommunications.

Quality Provider Checklist

  • Are they a local, regional, or national provider?
  • Does the provider have few enough clients to be able to focus on my business needs fully?
  • What does their mission page say about them?
  • Can they offer the personalised services I need?
  • Do they support remote/mobile working?
  • What are their clients saying about them?
  • Who are their current customers?
  • Can they offer a Unified Communications Solution?
  • Do they offer more than one brand of technology?
  • What level of after sales support is offered?
  • What process do they use to evaluate my existing solution and recommend an ideal alternative?
  • How do their prices compare?
  • Are they up to date with the latest technologies and innovations?
  • What do the suppliers they partner with say about them?
  • How simple is it to speak directly to the person you need to, when you need to?

Please let us know here if you think we’ve missed anything critical, would like to ask a question on the Quality Provider Checklist, or would like to speak to us directly about how Next Communications can help your business.

Your business communications are a key driver of productivity, employee engagement, and overall profit. Any good Telecoms Provider will want to understand how your business operates, the operational issues that impact the way you communicate with your clients and colleagues and what the future holds for your enterprise. Only then can a provider recommend and deliver the ideal solution to help your business not just survive but thrive.

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Personal Service

If you need a professional, local service that looks after your interests for the long-term then get in touch. Benefit from the best value, most reliable options available to suit your requirements. Receive honest and expert advice so that you can make informed decisions. Established in Southampton in 1988, we have built trusted relationships with hundreds of clients across Hampshire and the South, who value our honesty and integrity.

Quality Products

Next Communications are unsurpassed in our industry for both service and implementation and therefore we will only work with suppliers that match our own high standards. We are proud to be a Vodafone Partner, and a fully authorised reseller for O2, EE, NEC, Gamma, Wildix, Apple and many more technologies. Working with these manufacturers we can deliver the very best that telecommunications technology can offer.

Exceptional Value

We’re passionate about delivering the best value for money to our clients, always offering competitive prices ensuring you benefit from the most cost-effective solutions. To achieve that, we consistently review the marketplace to find the best value options to suit your needs. And this is our lifetime commitment to you. Building long-term relationships relies on trust, and we will regularly check that you’re receiving exceptional value.

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