The UK’s Number One VoIP System?

The UK’s Number One VoIP System?

Welcome to WILDIX. Considering the commercial impacts of a move to Cloud Based Telephony for your business? This is Big News... Since inception in 2003, WILDIX have been working tirelessly on combining innovative development with technical excellence in traditional telephony. Fast forward to 2021, and WILDIX now have over 1.4m users in 135 countries worldwide – and that number is increasing exponentially.


Having developed a full WebRTC unified communications platform, WILDIX users can access a vast, or small number of collaboration functions that allow anyone to connect to the WILDIX system, and for your business to reach its maximum potential reach, consistency, and overall productivity.

With WILDIX WebRTC technology, the entire system is accessible via a web browser. This means that anyone with a connection and a computer can access the full functionality of the platform – wherever they want to work from. And the icing on the cake? Collaboration Technology offers associated smartphone and desktop apps that can truly transform the way your business works.

Whether your enterprise is small, medium, or large in size, the WILDIX system will fit your operational and financial goals like a glove.

See below to discover why we and our clients are so passionately enthusiastic about WILDIX!

WILDIX - 5 Reasons to Love Our Latest Collaboration

Reason #1 - COST

The latest generation of Business Communications systems can reduce costs by up to 74%.

“Increase productivity whilst saving money? Every Business Owners dream…”
Dave Frederick – Engineering and Project Implementation - Next Communications

  • If you do make a mistake when choosing the system for your business, at best, your customers will be unhappy with the service.
  • At worst, you will lose their calls and your employees will be frustrated by the use of complex and ineffective communication tools.

Reason #2 - SIMPLICITY

WILDIX Unified Communications & Collaboration Solution ensures the best user experience by providing you with one single web interface to manage internal & external communication across multiple channels.

Unifying communication tasks allows you to streamline daily operations, boost workplace productivity, increase employee engagement and improve the customer service – which of course ultimately drives profit.

Remote Working technology optimises your Business, ensuring the availability of employees anytime, any place.

  • Anyone can connect to the WILDIX system, from anywhere
  • Audio & Video Call on demand
  • Know what your team are doing with full User Status Display
  • Create video, chat, or call conferences
  • Share screens, documents and files

    Reason #3 - FUNCTIONALITY

    WILDIX Solution is fully loaded with features that enhance and perfect your Business Communications.

    There are far too many to list here, but whatever your Business needs, from the front end of your offering, your customer’s journey and all the way through to logistics, after sales, intuitive reporting – WILDIX has it all. Give your business the communication tools it needs to deliver the experience your clients want and help your enterprise thrive!

    WILDIX Kite

    A website widget designed by Wildix. Kite allows visitors to communicate easily with your Business through a simple click through chat and video/audio call. There’s support for desktop and file sharing too.

    Kite integrates fully with the WILDIX Unified Communications system to transform websites into marketing tools.

    WILDIX Wizyconf

    The truth is the majority of video conferencing systems are designed to be used by experts and IT professionals. There’s just no way to set up and use one quickly and easily.

    But now, it’s time for you to forget about all of that! The wizard of video conferencing is here to cast a spell on outdated videoconferencing systems and transform them into something simple, intuitive, and completely magical.

    You can choose a solution that fits your needs. Wizyconf makes it possible with a smart, user-friendly design that lets you start a video conference in only 30 seconds.

    Reason #4 - SCALABILITY

    WILDIX Unified Communications Solution is designed to be tailored to your organisation’s needs, whatever they may be. A truly effective solution must be able to adapt to any changes your business undergoes throughout the years. WILDIX systems support your businesses performance, so as your enterprise grows WILDIX grows with it.

    • Add or remove users at the touch of a button
    • Connect other sites to the WILDIX system with ease
    • Take the operational worry away so you’re free to celebrate financial success!

    Reason #5 - SUPPORT

    Support is key. You could have the best solution in the world, but without the right level and kind of support, your Business won’t feel the benefit.

    Support is a broad term also, so, what does the WILDIX and Next Communications offer your Business?

    • Full Product Support - Help whenever you need it
    • 100% Secure with no further applications - Would you feel safe knowing you are buying a PBX that needs additional, expensive applications to be safe?
    • Product Warranty that lasts the entire term of your contract* - If you have a failure, you’re back up and running rapidly at no additional cost
    • Intuitive Reporting Functions giving you total control and visibility of performance

    *HaaS Required

    “There are in reality many more than 5 reasons to love WILDIX. As a Fully Unified B2B and B2C Communications Solution, it effortlessly ticks every box for every business….”
    Mark Goulding – MD - Next Communications

    How Do I Find Out More?

    Our WILDIX Specialists at Next Communications are always on hand to help and answer all of your questions.

    Either click here to learn more about WILDIX or click on the ‘How Can I Help’ section to speak directly with someone in our team and find out if a Hosted System could be the best choice for your business.

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